September 2012

ERC Ag Recruiting - Growing your Team

Finding the right fit for a company or a candidate is serious business. But we firmly believe it can be fun, too. Advancing careers and helping organizations grow is rewarding work, and we love it. Let us take the pressure out of the process for you.

ERC Spotlight - Travis Peters

Relationships are vitally important in our business. That's why we work hard to get to know both the companies we work with and the job candidates we represent. We want you to get to know us, too. This issue, we're shining the spotlight on the head of our Banking and Finance Division, Travis Peters.

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Why Work With Us?

Whether you're looking for the perfect position or searching for the perfect candidate, utilizing a recruiting firm can make the difference between a process filled with frustration and a successful long-term outcome. But all recruiters aren't created equal. Here's why we believe that Executive Recruiting Consultants is the best choice for both companies and job seekers.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

If you're good at what you do, the most effective way to tell your story is to let your customers do the talking. Here's what one of them had to say.

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Hot Jobs of the Month

For more details on these hot jobs and others, check out our website for a full listing of current positions or contact one of our Account Executives.

Production Manager — Dallas, TX
Contact Steve Green (605) 369-2105 or [email protected]

Director of Sales — Twin Cities, MN
Contact Craig Libis (605) 428-6150 or [email protected]

CPA/Tax — Sioux Falls, SD
Contact Craig Libis (605) 428-6150 or [email protected]

Senior Business Banker — Southeast SD
Contact Travis Peters (605) 428-6152 or [email protected]

Location Manager — Eastern CO
Contact Rob Tiff (605) 428-6148 or [email protected]

Grain Buyer — Various Locations - IA
Contact Devon Alexander (605) 428-6149 or [email protected]

Here to Serve You

Meet our team of experienced and dedicated account executives.
Contact us today!

Craig Libis
Managing Partner
[email protected]

Travis Peters
Finance/Banking, Midwest
[email protected]

Steve Green
Account Executive
Engineering, Midwest
[email protected]

Rob Tiff
Account Executive
Ag Equipment,
Continental U.S.
[email protected]

Devon Alexander
Account Executive
Equipment, Midwest
[email protected]

Ashley Kurtenbach
Director of Operations
[email protected]

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