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Executive Recruiting Consultants, Inc. specializes in the recruiting and placement of individuals in Accounting, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, Banking, Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, Agriculture, Food, Medical and Sales.



Our ERC recruiters and search consultants have devoted tremendous time and resources to develop deep connections with candidates. We have the industry insight needed to bring qualified candidates in the timeframe you need to fill for your search request.



Gain access to the top talent in your industry with our nationwide network of candidates. Our recruitment teams have access to the specific candidate pool of talent you need, and are experienced in your market.


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Trust, professionalism, reliability, and integrity are the essential principles we live and work by.


At ERC, we build long-lasting relationships by partnering with our clients. We invest the time to understand our clients’ business, culture, and current business issues. This knowledge, combined with our own professional experience, allows us to consistently provide top-notch talent to our clients.

  • Independent, unbiased, and objective
  • Recruit all levels of professional candidates
Whether you are actively seeking new career opportunities or just want to evaluate developments in the marketplace, ERC provides a confidential, effective resource to help you manage your career. Our ongoing relationships with the region’s top organizations allow us to provide you with an efficient match of your skills and personality with the appropriate client, saving you time and effort in your search.


If you, as a client, or as a candidate, are searching for a firm that truly understands the business of modern finance, a firm that is honest, and a firm that is passionate about excellent customer service and satisfaction, check out Executive Recruiting Consultants!

ERC’s Guiding Principles


At ERC, our guiding principles guide us through the ups and downs of the business, we believe in the old rule of treating others as we would like to be treated. Here are some of our guiding principles:


  1. Trustworthy – Helping clients and candidates by being trusted career advisors
  2. Industry Experts – Know the market better than anyone else and be a source of valuable and reliable market information
  3. Passionate – In all that we do, especially in what we love to do, helping build elite organizations.
  4. Professional – in everything we do.
  5. Clear Communicators – Keeping our clients and candidates informed
  6. Committed – to always doing the right thing for everyone we work with
  7. Successful – We are successful only when our clients and candidates are successful in their goals. “Success is a choice!”


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