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Candidate Services

Why Use A Recruiting Firm?


Unique Opportunities

For various reasons, a large percentage of the top jobs are not advertised in the newspaper. Many companies rely on professional recruitment firms in their job searches. We are also able to get you that foot in the door.


What Does ERC Inc. Have To Offer?


Personal Service

All candidates can expect personal service from us. Our services on finding that dream job are of no cost to you and we take the time to conduct personal interviews before submitting selected resumes to client companies. We take the time to get to know your individual wants and goals to assist us in making the right placement with the right company. If needed, we can help you create a more impactful resume.


All contact with you, the candidates, and your references will be done in complete confidence. Before submitting resumes for positions, you will be notified and the position discussed and agreed upon before the client receives it.

Interview Preparation

Prior to interviewing with the client, you will be provided an in-depth job description and background information on the client company. We want you to feel prepared for the interview.

Strategic Partnering

Strategic partnering alliances have been established to assist you with any major career changes you may be considering. Additional advanced skills training is also available through these alliances.

Our Reach

Our clients represent dozens of industries and are based throughout the country. We work with over 800+ recruiters nationwide and 350+ recruitment firms so we have opportunities throughout the US in all industries. We don’t want to just place you in your next job – we want to help advance you to the next level in your career!

Submit Your Resume

Important items about your resume:

– Keep your information clear and concise.

– Keep your resume format simple.

– Don’t use more than two types of fonts.



Career Portal

Having trouble finding that position for you? Look no further than right here, as this portal will assist you in getting to the next step of your job search. You will receive step-by-step help in your job search, weekly job seeker webinars, extensive job board, access to valuable free resources.  Ask your Account Executive if this is a good place to start for you!


Check out the portal at the link below and get on the right track in your job search!




Learn more about what ERC can do for you!