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Manufacturing Recruiting

With over 25 combined years of experience our manufacturing recruiters in Manufacturing Division at Executive Recruiting Consultants is the company that you should consider when looking at search firms. The staff at Executive Recruiting Consultants will immerse themselves in the culture of your company. They understand that in order to find top talent that you are looking for they need to know you and the dynamics of your organization.


Whether  you are looking for Production Supervisors, Maintenance Techs, Plant Managers, Engineering staff, Financial staff, sales staff or director or VP level executives, the ERC team has the diversity to work with you to find the best candidate for the job.




Representative Companies:

  • Plastics Extrusion Manufacturers
  • Precision Machining and Fabricators
  • Agricultural Products Manufacturers
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
  • Plastics Extrusion/Injected Molding/Blow Molding Manufacturers
  • Precision Machining and Fabricators
  • Agricultural/Heavy Equipment Products Manufacturers
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturers
  • Heavy Manufacturers

Representative Positions:

  • Production Supervisor
  • Production Management
  • Manufacturing/Design/Process Engineers
  • Automation/Electrical Engineers
  • Plant Manager
  • Director of Engineering
  • Engineering Manager
  • Controllers
  • Human Resources / HR Management
  • Director of Operations
  • VP of Operations
  • IT Directors & IT Management