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The Million Dollar Tip

It’s not difficult to get the most out of the interview and receive the compensation that you’re worth. You just have to follow a few rules:


Some Hiring Authorities make it a point not to talk about money until the end of the process. If you are using a recruiter this should be assumed that you are in the range.


From most studies, most of the highest paid executives are the ones who talk about money at the end of the process.


Most candidates ruin their chances of getting the best income possible because they talk too much about money at the beginning.


Make sure to practice these techniques:


When the employer asks, “What salary are you expecting?”


You don’t want to answer this directly. Instead, deflect the question back to the interviewer by saying something to the effect of,

“I don’t know. What are you planning on paying the best candidate?”


If that doesn’t work, try:


“I am definitely more interested than I thought I would be, I would seriously consider your best offer.”


This is not a bartering match, this helps you and the company by getting the best offer extended in turn making you happier as an employee for the long term.