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Executive Spotlight – Colby Fitzgerald

ColbyWhether competing on the basketball court, managing a large livestock operation, or executing the perfect match between a job candidate and prospective employer, Colby Fitzgerald has always put everything he has into the task.


As a high school basketball player, he helped lead his team to a state title, and he later played collegiate basketball at the University of South Dakota and Dakota Wesleyan University. After graduation, Colby managed the day-to-day operations of a 3,500-head cattle feed yard and worked at a local farmers’ cooperative.


“That’s one thing that attracted me to ERC,” Colby notes. “It gives me a way to stay connected with the agricultural industry. I love the satisfaction of assisting individuals in finding their ‘dream job’ and enjoy helping them make a change that allows them to utilize their skills in a new and challenging environment.”


People person

One of the most enjoyable features of collegiate basketball for Colby was the chance to connect with a wide variety of people—something he also appreciates in his role as an account executive with ERC.


“I have been overwhelmed with the exceptional people I’ve met and the business relationships I have made in my short time at ERC,” he comments. “It is incredibly satisfying to interact with people with this quality of character.”


As someone who is passionate about what he does, Colby appreciates the working environment at ERC, and feels like he’s found a good fit and work he can believe in.


“ERC has created a family-like atmosphere that also gives me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally,” he states. “Everyone here is truly passionate about helping others, and genuinely concerned and involved in every aspect of the hiring experience. We pride ourselves in finding the right candidate for the right client and making it a stress-free and successful experience for both sides. That’s why we have helped place top talent in the agriculture industry for the past 10+ years across the Midwest.”


Colby’s drive doesn’t confine itself to the office. He invests his free time in his family and in the Dell Rapids community, where he makes his home. He coaches the 7th and 8th grade basketball teams at St. Mary’s Catholic School, and can often be found helping his dad and brother on their third-generation family farm. He also enjoys golfing and playing basketball.